The Privelege of Driving & What Au Pairs Need to Know

Americans have been driving for over 5 generations.   It’s a good idea for Au Pairs to get their state drivers license.  Understanding the rules and agreeing to follow them is often one of the most important aspects of the job.   In order to gain your driving license you will need to demonstrate your ability to drive safely on the road. If you fail to demonstrate this ability, you will be issued traffic tickets, or even have your license suspended or revoked. No one has more right to the road than anyone else. If you’re going to drive, you owe it to the other drivers and yourself to operate the vehicle in a safe manner.  All states recognize each other’s driver’s licenses, and Canada will recognize an American driver’s license for a short visit. Driving while intoxicated is unlawful in all of the United States.

The basic rules to keep in mind when you drive in America are, STOP means come to a complete stop look both ways and proceed with caution.  Traffic lights are not suggestions. Green means go, Red means Stop and Yellow means slow down stop or proceed with caution.  Maximum speed limits on two-lane roads range from 50 mph to 75 mph depending on each road.  On rural Interstate Highways, the speed limit ranges from 65 mph in the northeast to 85 mph. All roads in the United States have speed limits, but they are not always posted frequently. 55 mph is a safe standard to assume when traveling on the highway.

Passing”, is legal on four or more lane roads and on most two-lane roads with sufficient sight distance. On two-lane roads, pass to the left of the overtaken vehicle unless that vehicle is preparing to make a left turn, in which case the vehicle must be passed on the right. 49 states require seat belt use by all occupants of the front seat.  And everyone under 18 must have use a seat belt front and back seat.

These are a few important laws to keep in mind when driving in America. Obtaining a state drivers license not only builds confidence but it often reduces risk and auto insurance cost.


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